Lindsay Palmer: Be Es Un Paisaje Bonito

Be Es Un Paisaje Bonito

Be Es Un Paisaje Bonito (It Is A Beautiful Landscape) in an installation made of children’s art that has been re-worked to form an abstract topographical landscape.  The art was collected over the past year, during which I have been working with a youth outreach program that provides arts programming to under-served communities. This piece is a nod to the way in which these kids will eventually change the landscape of the world that we live in, and to the wonderful power of using one’s imagination.

Red Space Gallery is pleased to present a opening reception for Lindsay Palmer entitled Es Un Paisaje Bonito. The reception will take place from 7-9pm on April 30th, 2011 this is the beginning of ongoing  solo exhibitions  from local and international artists at Red Space Gallery. Red Space Gallery is a new alternative space created by artist Caitlin McCollom.  Hors d’oeuvres and alcoholic beverages served.

Join us at 1203 W. 49th Street on April 30th, 2011 for the opening reception for a tender and imaginative installation by Lindsay Palmer.

About Caitlin McCollom

Caitlin G. McCollom is an artist living and working in Austin, TX. She graduated in 2010 from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in studio art. A painter and performance artist, her minimal iconic paintings in red ink parallel her works in performance and body-art. Her work challenges notions of the self and gender identity specifically relating to the body. McCollom has shown in galleries all over Austin, most notably Women and Their Work, Arthouse’s Ahead of Their Time, and known well for her performance based solo exhibitions at Co-Lab: New Media Project Space. She is also involved in art criticism and wrote critical reviews for the Women and Their Work Gallery blog: Sister Space. In addition to her work as an artist, McCollom works as director and curator of Red Space Gallery, a non-traditional gallery with a focus on emerging artists and experimental methods. She is working into the second “cycle” of exhibitions with new artists representing some of the best young talent in Austin and Texas. She works to promote a discourse within Austin on new media and non-commercial art forms through her own work and the work of the exhibiting artists at Red Space Gallery.
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